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Eva Longoria Fakes

2012-Oct-14 - Eva Exposes Ass and Pussy

Eva Longoria grows very playful again and tries to show that she is ready for a sexual adventure, pulling aside her panties' middle string as she stands on all fours with her luscious ass facing us. An amazing fake, produced with a pinch of spice, too.

eva longoria shows off ass

They sometimes do it, pulling their panties down a little, too.

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2012-Jul-9 - Fake Eva Longoria Gets Gangbanged

One of the hottest Eva Longoria fakes available on the web! Enjoy watching Eva Longoria making love to three men at once, taking cock and giving head at the same time. This wild gangbang scene provoked by Leon ends up with creamy shots aimed at Eva's ass and mouth, almost as lavish as they were in case with Evangeline Lilly, faked for a cum shooting gangbang too.

eva longoria gets gangbanged and cumshot

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2012-May-28 - Eva Longoria Rides Cock

Almost perfectly nude and exposed, Eva Longoria tries to break in a horny stud in this hot fake presented by NR. Tries? Oh, no, she has already succeeded, straddling her man and riding his cock with zest and zeal.

eva longoria mounts a guy to ride on his cock

More easy riders? What about Britney Spears and Gwen Stefani? Both of them seem to be great experts in cock riding, too.

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2012-Jan-12 - Eva Longoria Dildoes Pussy On Billiard Table

A hot Nova fake starring Eva Longoria dildoing her pussy as she lies on a billiard table. Probably after having a bath, or why should she put a bath towel under her butt?


eva longoria drills her pussy with a dildo lying on a billiard table



Jennifer Aniston Dildo Play




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2011-Oct-20 - Eva Longoria Sexy Pussy

Have you been missing Eva Longoria? There she is again, sitting with her legs tucked up in such a manner that we can see her exposed pussy. And that pussy looks really sexy, being set off by a pair of white stockings Eva's wearing in this hot fake presented by Tattoo Hearts.


eva longoria sexy


Christina Applegate Sexy


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2011-Sep-26 - Eva Longoria Hot

Sizzling hot Eva Longoria fake! Nude girls wearing high-heeled shoes always look rather hot, but in case with Eva Longoria the situation becomes even more exciting because in addition to high heels she puts on a black beret à la Che Guevara and set her legs apart. What sort of revolution is she going to organize there? Presumably, sexual :)


eva longoria hot


Ashley Judd Fucking Hot


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2011-Aug-15 - Eva Longoria Naked

The weather outside is hot, and Eva takes off her clothes. The sun is beginning to set, but there's no wind, and Eva's naked body becomes shiny with sweat. However, getting sweaty is much better than getting a goose flesh when you have to pose nude, and the curious expression on Longoria's face lets us presume that she is ready to expose much more of her naked self.


eva longoria naked


Alyssa Milano Naked


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2011-Jul-8 - Eva Longoria Ass

We have already posted a pic featuring fake Eva Longoria butt, but today's Longoria ass fantasy is different. In today's pic, Eva Longoria is represented perfectly nude (no stockings, etc!), standing with one of her legs raised in order to show off her crotch from behind... So, you may not only see her ass, but admire her straight legs, too :) A very nice NOVA product. And you may also like another NOVA Eva Longoria Ass Fake, or compare them to some other NOVA girls' asses, such as this Kelly Ripa Ass.


NOVA fake eva longoria ass


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2011-May-5 - Eva Longoria Sexy Pics

fake eva longoria sexy pic


Looking for Eva Longoria Sexy Pics? Take a look at this explicitly sexy Eva Longoria image! Fake, but as good as gold, and looking very natural. Eva Longoria is posing almost nude, only wearing a very sexy fishnet. The cloudy sky and the dull-colored sea surface emphasize the beauty of the model's slim sexy body, and Eva's face attached to it by the Colonel is so stirring that the image can surely be listed amont the sexiest Eva Longoria pics.

Hilary Duff Sexy

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2011-Apr-10 - Eva Longoria Nude

eva longoria nude


See Eva Longoria Nude! Haven't you dreamt of it? Hasn't your dream come true at last? Eva Longoria, one of the most renowned celebrities of the present, has been made perfectly nude by some masters of digital manipulation, and - here she is, posing stark naked in bed with her trimmed cameltoe exposed! Want more celebs getting nude for you? Have a look at nude Miley Cyrus, or nude Jennifer Lopez, or nude Megan Fox. Aren't they as beautiful as nude Eva Longoria, even in fakes?

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2011-Apr-8 - Eva Longoria Sex

eva longoria sex


Besides the fact that this is a sex blog dedicated to Eva Longoria fakes, you may find some special Eva Longoria sex fakes here, too. We do not mean just nude or sexy fakes of her, but fakes featuring Eva Longoria having sex, or Eva Longoria sex scenes. Hardcore sex, in particular. Or, perhaps, when talking about Eva Longoria's sex, you meant her sex as a human being? She's a female, of course :)

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2011-Mar-27 - Eva Longoria Porn

eva longoria pornEva Longoria Porn Pics! Famous Hollywood celebrity Eva Longoria presented as a porn star! Isn't she great, being fucked by a guy as she is lying almost nude on her side in this hot porn episode? Enjoy one of the most provocative fake images of Eva Longoria Parker playing a hardcore sex game. Shocking? Yes. But very impressive. See this Eva Longoria porn fake full-size.


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